In the village of As-Suwayda, southwest of Jarablus, the general security of Wilayat al-Sham, Abd al-Hadi (Ibrahim al-Ma’an) was struck and killed. He was one of Daesh’s worst and most violent criminals, implicated in many crimes and was overseer to many murders of innocent people in the region under his authority.

Abd al-Hadi held the position of “General Secretary” for the Levant Province, which means that he was also the first deputy of the Levant’s governor. This meant that he had control over Security matters relating to Investigations, internal intelligence and recruitment. It was his responsibility to protect Daesh seniors in the region and as has been clear in recent months with the death of Abu Sara and many others he has been a failure and now he has even failed to protect himself. The Daesh criminal apparatus in the lands of Syria and Iraq is truly a joke at this point to any looking in.


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