A graphic of a woman shackled in chains.
Newly leaked documents have revealed the scope of systemic abuse suffered by women and children under the command of ISIS leadership.
Who leads the Daesh criminals? Is he a ghost? Is he real? Has Chat.GPT been asked […]
The desecration of the Quran is an abhorrent crime that shocks the conscience of every believer. […]
Originally allies Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and Daesh have a torrid history and one of rivalry […]
The below document was allegedly circulated in secret by Daesh’s Media Diwan. This is their central […]
The below documents are operational summaries from a Daesh attack on Congolese forces in the North […]
In the village of As-Suwayda, southwest of Jarablus, the general security of Wilayat al-Sham, Abd al-Hadi […]
During Daesh’s illegal occupation of towns and cities in Iraq and Syria, they executed many for […]
The below document was distributed by Daesh Khorasan province in 2022. It makes accusations against an […]
In this letter from 2017 al-Barnawi complained to Daesh central about the lack of support given […]