How ISIS Still Abuse Women with Sexual Slavery in 2023

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A graphic of a woman shackled in chains.
A graphic of a woman shackled in chains.

Newly leaked documents have revealed the scope of systemic abuse suffered by women and children under the command of ISIS leadership.

ISIS use of Sex Slaves

Slavery in Daesh (ISIS) has been perhaps one of the most abhorrent aspects of this criminal groups past and present. When they first took control of vast swathes of territory in Iraq and Syria back in 2014, slavery and sexual exploitation became a key part of their pseudo states economy.

Upon capture by Islamic State forces women and girls would be transported to slave markets. These slave markets (known as souk sabaya by Islamic State members) were in Al Shaddi, Raqqa, and Tadmur, Syria. Additionally, female captives were contained at the several military-based holding sites in Al Shaddi, Tel Hamis, Al Mayadin, Dayr Az-zawr, Manbij, Al Bab, Al Tabqah, and Tadmur in Syria.

Following this initial captivity the women were divided in anticipation of three uses: being sold in markets, given as “gifts” to Islamic State fighters, and held in “rest houses” for fighters. They were forced to convert and were assigned registration numbers. Those who were held in “rest houses” were faced with the threat of execution for refusing sex. Within these locations, their bodies were regulated with forced abortions and birth control.

A graphic of a woman shackled in chains against her will.

ISIS Sex Slavery in Africa

Despite the degradation of ISIS territory in Iraq or Syria, the use of sexual slavery as a tool to terrorize the female population continues. Somalia in East Africa is the latest example of such atrocities still being committed under the orders of Abdul Qadir Mumin. Now we can see in the below documents that directives are still being issued within Daesh territory and is affecting more countries outside of the Middle East.

Page 1 of ISIS Al-Karrar Office's leaked document
Page 1 of ISIS Al-Karrar Office’s leaked document
Page 2 of ISIS Al-Karrar Office's leaked document
Page 2 of ISIS Al-Karrar Office’s leaked document
Page 3 of ISIS Al-Karrar Office's leaked document
Page 3 of ISIS Al-Karrar Office’s leaked document

Translation at Page End


This document is written by the Al-Karrar offices leader Abdul Qadir Mumin, this office operates out of Somalia and is thought to be in control of all ISIS affairs affecting the African continent.

Abdul Qadir Mumin was originally a commander for Al-Shabbab, in 2012 he was sent to Puntland to expand the reach of the group and bring more fighters to its cause. However in 2014 Al-Shabab was in the midst of an internal power struggle, isolated both geographically and personally from the groups central leadership, Mumin’s group became more independent. With these frustrations Mumin changed direction and pledged allegiance to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, setting up the Islamic State in Somalia and the precursor of the Al-Karrar office.

These documents provide a unique insight in to the brutality and inhumanity of ISIS activities. As can be seen it is advised by the Al-Karrar office that captives taken by the groups gangs in Mozambique should be divided in to three groups, largely out of health concerns due to the prevalence of AIDs in the region. The first group would be those who had converted to Islam and were deemed medically free from AIDs, they would be immediately divided amongst the brothers as sex slaves. The second group would be those who had converted to Islam but were infected with AIDs, they were to be kept amongst them but not used for sex. Those who had not converted to Islam and were not classed as apostates were to be executed by the group. And finally virgins, whom ISIS deem as not “problematic” they should be forcibly married and raped with no need for concern. This flippant disregard for human life and basic human decency, is symptomatic of the groups degeneracy.

There is also guidance delivered on rulings regarding divorce. Specifically they address the question of what should be done if it is discovered that a spouse has AIDs, it seems clear that ISIS in Mozambique have asked this question of their senior leadership. In the document Mumin tells Mozambique to wait for them to provide clarification. The fact that Mumin himself or the Al-Karrar office could not provide an immediate answer on this matter, perhaps suggests that they do not posses the religious credentials or knowledge to offer accurate advice to the group. As such they are perhaps lacking in the skill sets previously seen in Syria or Iraq.

The main takeaway from these documents is that ISIS are continuing to delve the depths of inhumanity, inflicting horrific suffering on innocent communities around the world. Moreover they clearly lack direction and authoritative commands from their more senior leadership.


Question 6: We conducted tests on people and found that some people have AIDS, and the court decided that if AIDS is found in one of the spouses, then it must be found in the other, so the court decided to separate them.

Between the spouses for a period of three months, then they re-examine again, and if the disease is proven in one of the spouses, the marriage is invalidated, then the woman observes the waiting period for 3 months, then she marries another person who has the disease, and these provisions were not applied until

Now, however, we are waiting for you, as well as there are captives awaiting the result of the examination. We have not been divided among the brothers. The answer: It seems, and God knows best, that this disease has come to you through the women you insult, so it is necessary to examine them before dividing them among the brothers. Islam was presented to them. Those who converted to Islam and it was confirmed that they were free from the disease would be divided, and those who converted to Islam and the disease was proven to be confiscated with money. Those who did not convert and it was confirmed that they had the disease and they were not excommunicated would be killed. Those who converted to Islam but were not excommunicated remain for a long period without marriage and do not belong to brothers who are not infected, and can belong to a brother. Like her, this is for the freed women if the examination is available, but if the examination is not available then the captives are not divided and they are called to Islam.

It is all with regards to virgin women, as for virgins, their matter is different, and there is nothing wrong with marrying them off and giving them property to brothers. As for the women and men who are captives or from the wives of brothers or from the brothers themselves who have proven sick and one of the spouses demands the separation of his friend or his friend because of illness, wait for us until we answer you with this.

Especially God willing.

From AL-Karrar Office, Abdul Qadir Mumin

What is a sex slave?

A sex slave is a person forced to perform sexual acts against there will. An ISIS fighter would take ownership rights over the sex slave and degrade them of any liberty. The sex slave would live under the command of the fighter and risked execution if they disobeyed. ‘Sabaya’ translates to ‘Slave’ and is the term ISIS use to refer to sex slaves.

Why do ISIS use sex slaves?

ISIS use sexual power over women and children as a way to ascertain power and control over the women. Controlling every aspect of the victim’s life including birth control and forced abortions ensures total compliance to ISIS male fighters.

Who is Abdul Qadir Mumin?

The head of the Islamic State Al-Karrar office in Somalia is Abdul Qadir Mumin. He was formerly an al-Shabab official who defected and abandoned one terrorist group to join another. Despite defecting from Al-Shabab, he still leads Islamic State Somalia in 2023.

What is Al-Karrar?

Al-Karrar is the name of the Islamic State office in Somalia. As of 2023, it is under the command of Abdul Qadir Mumin, an Al-Shabab defector turned Islamic State leader.

Does ISIS use sex slaves in 2023?

Yes, ISIS still use sex slaves in 2023. It has long been used as a shameful form of control over women and children in ISIS occupied territories. Unfortunately this depraved act still continues in 2023 despite large reductions in the size of ISIS territory since 2014.

How young are ISIS sex slaves?

According to the United Nations, ISIS force children as young as 9 years old to be sexual slaves to Islamic State fighters. This horrific depraved act is used by ISIS to control the female population in their occupied territories.

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