Pious Hypocrisy of the Daesh Criminals

The desecration of the Quran is an abhorrent crime that shocks the conscience of every believer. It is a tragedy that strikes at the heart of Islam, tarnishing the sanctity of its holy book. However, what is even more devastating is the hypocrisy of a group claiming to defend this noble book while simultaneously violating its sanctity and defiling its pages. This article aims to shed light on the hypocrisy of Daesh (ISIS) and their heinous acts of Quran destruction.

Daesh claims to be the self-proclaimed caliphate, representing a distorted version of Islam. Under the guise of religious righteousness, they have committed countless atrocities, including the destruction of Qurans, how many mosques have they destroyed and how many Qurans were violated within?. Their actions contradict the very principles they claim to uphold, revealing their true nature as a criminal terrorist organization driven by a twisted ideology.

While Daesh has gained notoriety for their brutal acts of violence, it is essential to acknowledge the extent of their Quran destruction. The number of Qurans desecrated by Daesh far exceeds those burned in the name of secularism or freedom of expression. Their disregard for the sanctity of this holy book is evident in the numerous incidents where Qurans were scattered, burned, and defiled.

Quran desecrated by Daesh bombing

Daesh’s strategy involves exploiting religion to further their own agenda. They manipulate vulnerable individuals, enticing them with promises of religious purity and a utopian society governed by their twisted interpretation of Islamic law. However, their actions speak louder than their words, as they defile the very foundation upon which they claim to build their caliphate.

What adds to the hypocrisy is Daesh’s selective outrage. While they shed crocodile tears over Quran desecration in Sweden or other incidents that align with their narrative, they conveniently ignore the countless instances where they themselves have committed such atrocities. Their silence regarding the destruction of Qurans in Mecca, Sinai, and other places reveals their double standards and exposes their true intentions.

Quran desecrated by Daesh bombing

Despite their attempts to deceive the public, Daesh’s hypocrisy is laid bare before the eyes of Allah and all true worshippers. Their false claims, manipulative tactics, and distorted ideology are exposed for what they truly are – a facade aimed at exerting control, spreading fear, and sowing discord among Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

The destruction of the Quran is an unforgivable crime that goes against the core principles of Islam. Daesh’s hypocrisy is evident in their heinous acts of Quran desecration, which far surpass any incidents they claim to condemn. It is crucial for us to expose their true nature and stand united against their twisted ideology. By doing so, we protect the honor and sanctity of the Quran while rejecting the false claims and deceitful tactics of those who seek to tarnish it.

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