Memo from Daesh Media Diwan

The below document was allegedly circulated in secret by Daesh’s Media Diwan. This is their central office that is in charge of all media across their various provinces. The document was leaked by dissidents from the organization claiming that the media office is attempting to deceive supporters. They claimed that despite the rulings below, the media operative maintains fake accounts that they use to sow lies and manipulated the members of Daesh to their own benefit.


In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. About the follow-up to the supporters

Peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you. We ask God that you are healthy and well…

We inform you that it was decided to assign the media offices affiliated with the states to follow up the file of the supporters through them, and each state follows up on its supporters in terms of supervision, monitoring and correcting their mistakes. So we hope that every media office affiliated with his state allocates one of the brothers to manage the file of their supporters and control them, and to link him to the official of the supporters in order for him to receive directions from him, and to inform him of all that is new.

However, we note a very important matter that must be acted upon, and we will summarize it in the form of points:

1. The brothers inform the princes of the media offices affiliated with the states not to communicate with the accounts of Official supporters.

2. They are contacted with new accounts outside the scope of the media work department, meaning accounts it is not linked to the brothers and the conduct of work such as reporting news and materials…etc.

3. It is forbidden to leak any news to supporters that has been refused to be published by the (Central Information Bureau).

4. Not hinting at them to prepare for any interactive campaign before publishing any publication under the pretext of rapid follow-up and taking advantage of opportunities when publishing this matter is the responsibility of the Advocates Officer.

5. It is forbidden to tell them about the internal affairs of the states, whatever they claim – directing the supporters in writing.

6. It is forbidden to inform the supporters to prove or deny something from the rumors before referring to the official of the supporters.

Motivating articles should keep up with state events.

Note: All brothers are bound by the above points, and it is necessary to focus on points No. 1 and 2, lest the brothers fall into intelligence traps.

Your brothers in the media committee

1 Rabi` al-Awwal 1443 AH


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